July 06, 2008 to July 11, 2008

Pee Wee Division Placement:
1st Place-Lubbock, TX
2nd Place-Cumberland, MD
3rd Place-Decatur, TX
MVP – Steven Gage Price from Lubbock, TX with 26 Goals, 1 Assist
MVG – Brody Goswick from Lubbock, TX with 4 Goals Against

Midget Division Placement:
1st Place – Boyertown, PA
2nd Place – Cumberland, MD
3rd Place – Lubbock, TX
MVP – Chris Merkel from Boyertown, PA with 16 goals, 2 assists
MVG – Conner Cox from Boyertown, PA with 7 goals against

Freshman Division Placement:
1st Place – Bremerton, WA
2nd Place – Cumberland, MD
3rd Place – Ft. Smith, AR
MVP – Riley Derany from Bremerton, 11 Goals
MVG – Leonard Burnett from Bremerton, 4 Goals Against

Junior Division:
1st Place- Cumberland, MD
2nd Place- Utica, NY
3rd Place- Bremerton, WA
MVP-Shawn Schmelcher, Utica  35 Goals, 0 assists
MVG – Ross Herrlinger from Cumberland, MD with 14 Goals Against

Ladies Division Placements:
1 Place – Bremerton, WA
2nd Place – Salt Lake City, UT
3rd Place – Utica, NY
MVP: Ceilidh Sligh from Bremerton, WA 14 goals, 1 assist
MVG: Danielle Walter from Bremerton, WA with 9 goals against

Bronze Division:
1st Place- Burlington, WA
2nd Place- Salt Lake City
3rd Place- Decatur, TX
MVP – Hirem Molloy, Salt Lake City  9 goals, 3 Assists
MVG(TIE) – Christy Trussell from Salt Lake City & Sofie Grinan from Utica  6 Goals Against

Silver Division Placements:
1st Place – San Angelo, TX
2nd Place – Bremerton 2, WA
3rd Place – Bremerton 1, WA
MVP – Gwen Catledge from Bremerton 2, WA  7 goals, 1 assist
MVG – Logan Brewer from San Angelo, TX  7 goals against

World Class Division Placements:
1st Place – Washington Warriors from Olympia, WA
2nd Place – Decatur, TX
3rd Place – Cumberland Raiders from Cumberland, MD
MVP – Josh Englund from Washington Warriors, Olympia, WA with 10 Goals and 5 Assists
MVG – Brian Stallman from Washington Warriors, Olympia, WA with 12 Goals against

Results Sunday, July 6th

The 48th annual U.S. National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships is being held

July 5th through July 11th at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica New York. The “Aud” as it is called here is a very nice large facility, with enough room for everyone to enjoy the competition. Along with teams in eight different divisions from all over the country vying for a National Championships a selection camp for the USA Ladies Team will be held along with nightly exhibition games between the World Class Men’s Teams and a guest Spanish Club from Spain. Day one started early, six o’clock, for the Pee Wee Divisions, followed by the rest of the Divisions and ending with an exhibition game between the Men’s Team USA and The Spanish Team. It was a full day of competition and getting reacquainted with old friends and team mates.

The results from Day one were:

Junior Division:
Cumberland def Bremerton, 6-1
Utica def Decatur, 10-8

Pee Wee Division:
Decatur def Salt Lake City, 8-5
Lubbock def Utica, 9-2
Cumberland def Ft. Smith, 9-2                                        
Lubbock def Salt Lake City, 10-0
Decatur def Ft. Smith, 9-6
Cumberland def Utica, 8-5

Ladies Division:
Bremerton def Salt Lake City, 7-5

Bronze Division:
Utica def Cumberland, 5-2
Burlington def Decatur, 7-2

Midget Division:
Lubbock def Cumberland  9-4
Boyertown def Decatur  5-1

Silver Division:
Boyertown tied Bremerton #1, 3-3
Bremerton #2 def Utica, 6-3

Freshman Division:
Bremerton def Utica, 2-1
Cumberland def Ft. Smith, 5-4                                
Ft. Smith def Utica, 10-5
Cumberland def Decatur, 5-2

World Class Division:
Spanish Club Team def Team USA, 4-1

Results Monday, July 7th

Day two of the 48th U.S. National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships being held at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, New York got off to another early start. With games starting at 6:30am and continuing to 11:30pm this would be a completely full day of  exciting and competitive roller hockey. The Spanish Club played another game against the USA World Class Men’s Team from Cumberland, Maryland.

The results from July 7th, 2008 were:

Ladies Division:
Utica Tied Salt Lake City, 2-2
Bremerton def Decatur, 3-1
Utica def Decatur, 11-2

Pee Wee Division:
Lubbock, TX def Cumberland, MD, 6-2
Salt Lake City def Ft. Smith, AR 9-5
Utica, NY def Decatur, TX, 6-2

Bronze Division:
Salt Lake City def Cumberland, 10-0
Decatur def Utica, 3-1
Salt Lake City def Decatur, 6-0
Burlington, WA Tied Utica, 2-2

Midget Division:
Boyertown, PA def Lubbock TX, 3-2
Cumberland, MD def Decatur, TX, 5-2
Boyertown def Cumberland, 4-1
Lubbock def Decatur, 10-3

Silver Division:
Bremerton #2 def Bremerton #1, 4-1
Boyertown Tied San Angelo, TX, 3-3

Freshman Division:
Bremerton def Ft. Smith, 5-1
Utica def Decatur, 10-2

World Class Division:
Bremerton, def Utica, 6-3
Burlington, WA def Boyertown, PA, 7-1
Club Spain def Cumberland, MD, 4-2

Junior Division:
Cumberland def Decatur, 7-2
Utica def Bremerton, 8-6

Results Tuesday, July 8th

The Pee Wee Division of the 48th National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships came to an exciting end on day three. The competition is getting fierce and the Teams are beginning to fall into their respective places. Today featured the debut of the Utica Lunatics Roller Derby Team during opening ceremonies. It was quite interesting to watch and it gained a lot of attention for roller skating. The results from Tuesday were:

Ladies Division:
Salt Lake City def Decatur, 3-0
Bremerton def Utica, 7-1

Pee Wee Division:
Ft. Smith def Utica, 5-3
Cumberland def Salt Lake City, 10-0
Lubbock def Decatur, 10-0
Salt Lake City tied Utica, 5-5
Cumberland def Decatur, 10-3
Lubbock def Ft. Smith, 10-0

Silver Division:
San Angelo, TX Tied Bremerton #2, 2-2
Utica Tied Boyertown, PA, 4-4

Midget Division:
Boyertown def Decatur, 6-0 
Cumberland def Lubbock, 4-3 OT

World Class Division:
Cumberland def Boyertown, 7-6
Olympia def Bremerton, 6-2
Decatur def Utica, 6-2

Freshman Division:
Bremerton def Decatur, 11-1
Cumberland def Utica, 5-2

Junior Division:
Utica def Cumberland, 7-5
Bremerton Tied Decatur, 3-3

Results Wednesday, July 9th

At the end of day four of the 2008 U.S. National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships, being held in Utica, New York, two more Divisions finished up their competition and the games are heating up for the remaining Divisions. The rest of the Divisions will finish all of their matches tomorrow except for the World Class Division, which will end on Friday morning. The results from day four are:

Bronze Division:
Burlington def Salt Lake City, 4-3
Decatur def Cumberland, 3-2

Silver Division:
Bremerton #2 def Boyertown, 4-1
San Angelo def Utica, 3-0

Midget Division:
Lubbock def Decatur, 10-0
Boyertown def Cumberland, 7-3

Freshman Division:
Bremerton def Cumberland, 2-1
Decatur def Utica, 10-3

Junior Division:
Utica def Decatur, 11-3
Cumberland def Bremerton, 4-3

World Class:
Bremerton def Boyertown, 6-4
Cumberland def Utica, 4-1
Spain def Decatur, 13-0
Cumberland def Bremerton, 8-2
Spain def Boyertown, 8-2
Olympia def Decatur, 5-2

Ladies Division:
Bremerton def Decatur, 9-0
Salt Lake City def Utica, 10-0
Utica def Decatur, 10-3

Results Thursday, July 10th

Today, Thursday July 10th,  is the fifth and final full day of competition for the 48th National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships being held at the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, New York. All of the divisions will finish out today except for the World Class, which will run half a day tomorrow, followed by a two hour training session for Team USA, then a game with the Spanish Club and Team USA. The results for today were:

Silver Division:
San Angelo def Bremerton 2, 5-2
Bremerton 1 def Utica, 4-1

Junior Division:
Bremerton def Decatur, 3-1
Cumberland def Utica, 8-5

World Class Division:
Boyertown def Utica, 9-5
5-4  Decatur def Bremerton, 7-2
Spain def Olympia, 4-2
Decatur def Cumberland, 5-1
Spain def Bremerton, 6-4
Olympia def Utica, 9-3

Ladies Division:
Bremerton def Salt Lake City, 3-2
Ladies Team USA def Boyertown

Bronze Division:
Salt Lake City def Utica, 3-2
Burlington, WA def Cumberland, 4-0

Results Friday, July 11th

The 48th National Hardball Roller Hockey Championships, held in Utica, New York came to an end on Friday, July 11th. All of the new National Champions have been crowned and everyone has departed for home for some R & R except the USA Men’s and USA Ladies Teams, both of which have the World Championships coming up in October. Friday was only a half day to finish up the World Class Division and conduct a training camp for the Men’s USA Team. The final results for today were:

Ladies Division:
Utica tied Ladies Team USA, 4-4

World Class Division:
Spain def Utica, 9-7
Decatur def Boyertown, 5-3
Olympia def Cumberland, 7-4

Also, the Hardball Roller Hockey Player of the Year is  Brian Stallman! Congratulations Brian for a job well done. For our faithful and excellent Team of Referees, thanks for another job well done. A GREAT BIG Thank You to Kathy Crooks and Linda McNeel our statisticians and time keepers. A Thank you also to Bill Sisson, the hardball committee, and Bill Schmelcher, his family, friends, volunteers and staff for a good Championship Venue. I hope to see all of you next year.