2010 NATIONAL RINK HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIPS- Bremerton Skateland, Bremerton, WA

The 49th Edition of the US National Rink Hockey Championships got underway Sunday, July 11th at Bremerton Skateland in Bremerton, Washington. The Championships will continue through Friday, July 16th with over 35 Teams competing in eight different age divisions. The last game of the day was an exhibition game composed of players trying out for the USA Men’s World Rink Hockey Team. The game not only allowed the coaches and players to work together more, but it was also played under the new rules of the game that will go into effect on January 1, 2011. It was a great opportunity for the Hockey Community to be introduced to the new “Rules of the Game.” The results for Sunday were:

Pee Wee Division Placements:
1st Place – Decatur, TX
2nd Place – Bremerton, WA
3rd Place – Salt Lake City, UT
MVG – Dylan Coke, Decatur, TX; 4 Goals against
MVP – Alec Moyer, Decatur, TX; 18 Goals, 2 Assists

Midget Division Placements:
1st Place – Boyertown, PA
2nd Place – Decatur, TX
3rd Place – Bremerton
MVG – Shayla Schmelcher, Boyertown, PA; 2 Goals Against
MVP – Colby Moyer, Boyertown, PA; 20 Goals, 7 Assists

Freshman Division Placements:
1st Place – Bremerton, WA
2nd Place – Cumberland, MD
3rd Place – Olympia, WA
MVP: Lucas Grosse, Cumberland, MD; 9 Goals, 1 Assist
MVG(TIE) – Bethany Near, Bremerton, WA; 10 Goals Against
MVG(TIE) – Colby Moyer, Cumberland, MD; 10 Goals Against

Junior Division Placements:
1st Place – Bremerton, WA
2nd Place – Cumberland, MD
3rd Place – Burlington, WA
MVP –  Holland Elkins, Bremerton 1, WA, 8 Goals, 3 Assists
MVG – Leonard Burnett, Bremerton 1, WA 3 Goals against

Ladies Division Placements:
1st Place – Bremerton, WA
2nd Place – Anchorage, AK
3rd Place – Utica, NY
MVP – Lisa Joosten, Bremerton, WA, 10 Goals, 4 Assists
MVG – Danielle Walter, Bremerton, WA, 4 Goals against

Bronze Division Placements:
1st Place – Olympia, WA
2nd Place – Salt Lake City, UT
3rd Place – Bremerton, WA
MVP – Ryan Baich, Olympia, WA, 13 Goals, 1Assist
MVG –  Gordan Matheson, Bremerton, WA, 7Goals against
MVG – Christina Fritz, Salt Lake City, UT, 7 Goals Against

Silver Division Placements:
1st Place – Bremerton 1, WA
2nd Place – Decatur, TX
3rd Place – Bremerton 2, WA
MVP – David Englin, Bremerton 1, WA, 14 Goals, 1 Assist
MVG – Caleb Madden, Bremerton 1, WA, 9 Goals Against

World Division Placements:
1st Place – Washington Warriors 1 from Olympia, WA
2nd Place – Phantoms from Boyertown, PA
3rd Place – Bremerton Hurricanes 1 from Bremerton, WA
MVP – Shawn Schmelcher, Utica, NY; 16 Goals, 6 Assists
MVG –  Austin Morehouse, Olympia 1, WA; 17 Goals Against

Pee Wee Division
Decatur, TX def Bremerton,WA, 12-0
Bremerton, WA def Salt Lake City, 6-5

Midget Division
Bremerton, WA def Decatur, TX, 6-2
Boyertown, PA def Olympia, WA, 8-0
Boyertown, PA def Decatur, TX, 7-1
Bremerton, WA def Olympia, WA, 8-4

Freshman Division
Bremerton, WA def Decatur,TX, 6-2
Cumberland, MD def Olympia, WA, 1-0
Olympia, WA def Decatur, TX, 6-4
Bremerton, WA tied Cumberland, MD, 2-2

Junior Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 4-0
Burlington, WA def Cumberland, MD, 5-3

Ladies Division
Anchorage, AK def Utica, NY, 4-2
Bremerton, WA def Merced, CA, 11-1

Bronze Division
Burlington, WA def Salt Lake City, 4-3
Bremerton, WA tied Cumberland, MD, 1-1
Olympia, WA def Merced, CA, 3-1

Silver Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Decatur, TX, 5-2
Bremerton 2, WA def Cumberland, MD, 6-1
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 4-3
Bremerton 3, WA def Cumberland, MD, 8-2

World Class Exhibition Game
Red Team def Blue Team, 5-3

Update #1 On Monday, July 12th, the weather in Bremerton, Washington was overcast, rainy and cool, but the weather inside Bremerton Skateland was hot and fierce with competition at the 49th Edition of the National Rink Hockey Championships. Today, the second day of competition, was filled with 19 games played in eight different divisions, an Opening Ceremony featuring the Navy and Marine Silent Drill Team, recognition of some of the special people in our sport, a warm friendly welcome from the Mayor of Bremerton and a unique presentation of our National Anthem by Donna Baldwin. What a great day for long time hockey players, spectators, and newcomers to our sport. The results for Monday were:

Pee Wee Division
Decatur, TX def Salt Lake City, UT, 11-1
Decatur, TX def Bremerton, WA, 12-2
Bremerton, WA def Salt Lake City, 7-0

Midget Division
Boyertown, PA def Bremerton, WA, 11-1
Decatur, TX def Olympia, WA, 3-2

Freshman Division
Bremerton, WA def Olympia, WA, 3-2
Cumberland, MD def Decatur, TX, 10-2

Junior Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Burlington, WA, 6-0
Cumberland, MD def Bremerton 2, WA, 3-2

Ladies Division
Anchorage, AK def Merced, CA, 6-0
Bremerton, WA def Utica, NY, 3-1

Bronze Division
Salt Lake City def Burlington, WA 4-3 (corrected from yesterday)
Burlington, WA def Cumberland, MD, 2-1
Bremerton, WA def Merced, CA, 3-2
Salt Lake City tied Olympia, WA, 2-2

Silver Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 3, WA, 4-1
Bremerton 2, WA tied Decatur, TX, 0-0

World Class Division
Boyertown, PA def Bremerton 1, WA, 6-2
Cumberland, MD def Bremerton 2, WA, 5-3
Utica, NY def Olympia, WA, 7-6

Update #2 Tuesday, the third day of the 2010 US Rink Hockey National Championships, came to an exciting conclusion with two great Ladies games. On top of the two very exciting sudden death games earlier in the day, it turned out to be a fast paced, highly competitive day of rink hockey. If this is any indication of the rest of the week, it will be an excellent ending to the week of Championship Hockey that ends Friday, July 16th here in Bremerton, Washington. The Final results of the day and for two of the eight Divisions were:

Pee Wee
Decatur, TX def Salt Lake City, UT, 9-1

Midget Division
Boyertown, PA def Olympia, WA, 11-1
Decatur, TX def Bremerton, WA, 1-0
Boyertown, PA def Decatur, TX, 7-0
Bremerton, WA def Olympia, WA 6-5 in Overtime

Freshman Division
Cumberland, MD def Decatur, TX, 3-2
Bremerton, WA def Olympia, WA, 2-1 in Overtime

Junior Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Cumberland, MD, 5-2
Burlington, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 5-3

Ladies Division
Utica, NY def Merced, CA, 5-2
Bremerton, WA def Anchorage, AK, 3-2

Bronze Division
Bremerton, WA def Burlington, WA, 2-1
Salt Lake City, UT def Merced, CA, 7-0
Olympia, WA def Cumberland, MD, 8-1

Silver Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Cumberland, MD, 5-0
Decatur, TX def Bremerton 3, WA, 5-3

World Class Division
Olympia 1, WA def Olympia 2, WA, 4-3
Utica, NY tied Cumberland, MD, 6-6
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 10-2

Update #3 – In Bremerton, Washington the weather is heating up, but not as fast and hot as the competition in Bremerton Skateland where they are holding the 2010 National Rink Hockey Championships. The Tournament started on Sunday, July 11th and will continue through Friday, July 16th. We witnessed another day of surprises, fast paced games, two more exciting overtime games, Freshman Division coming to an end and two good Ladies games. This was quite a day filled with high quality, fiercely competitive rink hockey. The results for Wednesday were:

Freshman Division
Olympia, WA def Decatur, TX, 6-2
Bremerton, WA def Cumberland, MD, 4-3 in Overtime

Junior Division
Cumberland, MD def Burlington, WA, 3-2
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 3-2 in Overtime

Ladies Division
Bremerton, WA def Merced, CA, 8-0
Anchorage, AK def Utica, NY, 6-1

Bronze Division
Olympia, WA def Burlington, WA, 5-3
Salt Lake City, UT def Bremerton, WA, 2-0
Merced, CA def Cumberland, MD, 2-1

Silver Division
Decatur, TX def Cumberland, MD, 3-0
Bremerton 2, WA def Bremerton 3, WA, 4-2

World Class Division
Utica, NY def Olympia 2, WA, 6-3
Olympia 1, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 3-1
Boyertown, PA def Cumberland, MD, 7-3
Boyertown, PA def Bremerton 2, WA, 3-2
Cumberland, MD tied Olympia 2, WA, 1-1
Bremerton 1, WA def Utica, NY, 8-4

Update #4 – On Thursday, July 15th at the 50th National Rink Hockey Championships at Bremerton Skateland in Bremerton, Washington, Junior, Ladies, Bronze and Silver Divisions came to and end leaving just the World Class Division to complete tomorrow. The results from today’s games and Final Placements were:

Junior Division
Burlington, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 4-3
Bremerton 1, WA def Cumberland, 5-0

Ladies Division
Utica, NY def Merced, CA, 8-1
Bremerton, WA def Anchorage, AK, 4-0

Bronze Division
Burlington, WA tied Merced, CA, 3-3
Olympia, WA def Bremerton, WA, 2-1
Salt Lake City def Cumberland, MD, 4-1

Silver Division
Bremerton 1, WA def Bremerton 3, WA, 4-1
Decatur, TX def Bremerton 2, WA, 4-2
Bremerton 2, WA def Bremerton 3, WA, 5-1
Bremerton 1, WA def Decatur, TX, 4-3

World Class Division
Olympia 2, WA def Boyertown, PA, 3-2
Bremerton 2, WA tied Utica, NY, 5-5
Olympia 1, WA def Bremerton 1, WA, 4-3
Boyertown, PA def Utica, NY, 9-5
Bremerton 1, WA def Olympia 2, WA, 5-1
Olympia 1, WA def Cumberland, MD, 4-2

Final Update – The 50th edition of the National Rink Hockey Championships came to an end Friday, July 16th after six days of great rink hockey, featuring lots of fun, good sportsmanship, tough competition and exciting games. The World Class Division crowned its champion this afternoon at Bremerton Skateland in Bremerton, Washington. Today’s results and final placements were:

World Class Division
Olympia 2, WA def Bremerton 2, WA, 3-0
Bremerton 1, WA def Cumberland, MD, 7-1
Olympia 1, WA def Boyertown, PA, 6-1